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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This website is being updated to a new URL, which is The new URL is currently active and contains all the material stored on this site. You should visit and bookmark the new URL.

The new website is intended to be more interactive. You can register, which will allow you to submit content and keep track of your test scores for all the sample questions. More details will be provided as development continues.


DISCLAIMER: Most of the material was collected prior to the year 2004, which is the year that the "... Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge" was updated. However, most of the material on this site is still relevant and useful. Updates and differences since the year 2000 will be published as they are made. YOU ARE STILL REFERRED TO THE Project Management Institute for differences between all the different versions.

This website contains information that I have collected over the years about the field of Project Management. Most of the information is provided free of charge. Every effort is made to insure that the information is accurate. Please be aware that the information is free and it is not guaranteed. If you discover an error please notify the webmaster. Any error will be corrected as soon as possible.

Most of the references included on this website contain links that allow you to purchase a copy from All products are sold and serviced by, one of the most trusted names on the internet. You can purchase the latest copy or older revisions. Also, you may purchase used copies for less money. Yancy.Org does not provide a warranty or guarantee for any of the products.

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